Tree Planting & Carbon Dioxide

The process of carbon dioxide being sequestrated by trees is complicated. Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide but also release it. CO2 is incorporated into trees during the process of photosynthesiscarbon balance but is also lost through photorespiration and through the decomposition of leaves, branches and roots. Fortunately trees absorb more CO2 than they emit, hence their suitability for the purpose of carbon balancing.

We are then faced with the task of assessing how much CO2 each tree is capable of absorbing to enable a suitable carbon calculator to determine the number of trees that need to be planted to balance the production of a given tonnage of CO2. The amount of CO2 absorbed by a tree over a given period of time is dependant on a number of variables including: -

  • Species
  • Atmospheric Temperature
  • Water and Nutrient Levels
  • Light
  • Atmospheric CO2
  • Leaves
  • Woodland Management

co2balance have taken the above factors and, using published sources of data and local environmental factors, calculated the number of trees that need to be planted at their sites in order to balance your CO2 emissions. These factors are built into their carbon calculator.