co2balance ltd believe we need to address the Climate Change warnings we now hear regularly. Working with individuals and businesses to off-set their carbon dioxide production, the prime agent of climate change, they plant native broadleaf woodlands on their behalf.

carbon balance

Planting trees removes CO2 from the atmosphere and locks it into timber. Trees absorb more CO2 than they produce, hence their suitability for the purpose of carbon balancing.

Most people will not have enough space to plant a sufficient number of trees to carbon balance their activities and, so co2balance Ltd was created.

The company aims to provide a simple, practical and cost-effective way for individuals and businesses to balance their unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions, in a way that benefits the British landscape and its wildlife.

Using the calculator provided on co2balance’s website, you get an idea of how much carbon dioxide you and your family are responsible for producing each year. co2balance calculate how many trees would need to be planted to off-set or balance your carbon dioxide production.

You can buy gift trees as well as memorial and commemorative trees.

For further information about co2balance, carbon dioxide, the magical qualities of trees, or to use their carbon calculator, buy a gift tree or even become a member, visit their website or e-mail them at



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